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Vip Flights

At present an opportunity to use a private plane for corporations and individuals is a necessary condition for efficient business. Businessmen and managers have to personally control different processes and only business aviation may allow to visit different places located far from each other in a short period of time and help to save strength and working efficiency. Flights by private airplanes will ensure comfort and quality service and allow to avoid a long-hour waiting of interconnecting flights in airports, save your time and strength.

"Aerosphere" arranges flights on business jets of its aircraft park, as well as on airplanes of our partners.

Trust to the experts! We will save your time and take you with comfort to any destination you would like to.

Для заказа рейса выберите удобную для Вас форму:
позвонив по телефону +7(495) 720 39 59 или +7(495) 722 56 26,
по электронной почте sales@aerosphere.ru или заполнив on-line заявку на нашем сайте